9 thoughts on “Shake and Bake”

  1. I’m in Marina del Rey in a single story building and felt it, too. About 20-30 seconds of a long rolling quake. Felt like being on a slightly rocking boat.

  2. I work down on the third floor of an office in the Miracle Mile district and felt a gradual rolling back-and-forth motion. At first I thought it was just me getting dizzy until a colleague rushed to the doorway of her office. I was surprised by how long it lasted as well as how big it wound up being. Quite frankly, I thought it was a big hoot. ^_^

  3. Top level – 3rd floor in Studio City.

    My first earthquake. WOW! I felt like I was getting dizzy then I noticed my vertical blinds were swaying.

    I was listening to a live broadcast on NPR – an interview with Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton. He commented on air that it was his first earthquake and that he initially thought he was having a dizzy spell from no breakfast and too much coffee.


    I hope no one got hurt.

  4. I had just told my roommate a week prior that we were due for an earthquake. Didn’t feel it much in culver city – I just got dizzy – which in retrospect was the earthquakes doing. Been through bigger earthquakes in alaska. Glad this one wasn’t too bad – even though a few people died.

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