notes from LAX

Waiting at my gate I’m able to hop on the wifi connection from one of the three starbucks within 20 feet and since I know everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for an update I just wanted to let you know the scoop. Getting through security was a snap. We budgeted 2 hours and it took about 3 minutes, hence the time to blog from the gate. If you watch “Dude, Where’s My Car?” as much as I do you’ve no doubt gone looking for the Pink Pussycat Lounge around town and had no luck. Well, it’s in Terminal 4 at LAX. Minus the atmosphere and the breakdancing stripper, but rest assured the 6’5″ gender challenged male is there, only instead of wearing some slutty stripper get up he/she has on a starbucks uniform and just served me a latte. That, and both male and female phone sex opperators have taken second jobs making “very special announcements” over the loudspeakers about “staying close to your personal, private baggage” and the nasty, dirty concequences you’ll face if you don’t. OK, boarding now.