Just another hip party…

So my friends have me over saturday for a crazy night of monopoly. Which somehow was really different than the crazy sex and drugs I imagined it to be. Afterall, they’re artist type with artist type friends and they live in silverlake to boot. But maybe thats just me watching too many movies. But there’s something about their house that freaked me out. The bathroom. They don’t have a lock on it. Not that i was doing anything i would be ashamed of but you know, no lock. And they have all these jesus candles staring down at me too, like who could masturbate to that….err, not that I was thinking of doing that but just in general, thats a lotta jesus there. About a dozen? Also, my friends – very tall. Their toilet paper roll, not to the side but in front of the porcelain stall, a good foot and a half away. So if i’m sitting down, thats a long way to go – my ass is leaving the donut. It ain’t pretty it ain’t safe thats all i’m saying. And imagine if someone…not me but someone…was doing a judge reinhold from fast times. He’s gotta turn around to grab that tp.

Yea, thats what I kept thinking about as I left a party in the hip part of town. The bathroom.

6 thoughts on “Just another hip party…”

  1. The two drunks (karen and dan) got poor and left early. Straight edge Sean would have stayed longer except he landed Greg’s property with tons of houses on em, paid the rent, later moved 3 spaces to chance where it told him to move back 3 spaces and thus had to pay again. Kozy made a fine attempt but could not withstand the real estate mogul that was Greg.

  2. I’m just wondering why I was the only guest who could properly operate the toilet. The jesus candles are a bit disconcerting I gotta admit…

  3. J – how can you not love the kitsch of ten jesus candles in the BATHROOM? It’s blasphemous! hahahahahaha

    Y – who’s “karen”?

  4. I remember early on in the game, when Dan was rolling in dough and property, he looked over at my small bankroll and 3 properties and commented, “I wonder what this guy’s plan is?” Oh how the tides changed after I made that blockbuster deal with Kozy (the asian to asian connection). And to think, it all started because I demanded my owed one dollar from that financial deliquent, Caryn! Oh snap!

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