High Alert Again

CNN: “…Ridge urged the public to be patient with stricter security measures “in the coming days and weeks” and to proceed with holiday plans despite the threat.”

I’m sorry, but isn’t a threat a THREAT? Like, if some dude came up to me waving a gun in my face and was like “Dude, give me your money or I’ll shoot you in the face.” See, that’s a threat. I couldn’t just proceed with my plans. I couldn’t just say “I’ll be sure to elevate my security measures in the coming days.” So what are we supposed to do? What’s the point of the alert if we’re supposed to just go about our business? Our duty is to be patient with high alert security as we spend an extra hour waiting in line, then worry about our plane blowing up the whole time we’re on it. Good system. Thanks. Anyway, because of all this, I’ve decided to sell all my WMDs, so if you’re interested, leave your number or whatever.