Another L.A. Christmas

The greatest part of living in LA and being stuck here for the holidays is that the traffic is pretty damn decent. Since there are so few people that are actually from here there is a mass exodus every year around this time to parts unknown by the homesick. Those of us that are just too stubborn or broke to leave enjoy empty streets and short lines at the Chinese take-out. It’s truly almost worth not going home to be able to not get stuck on Hollywood Blvd. for hours on end just trying to drive 2 miles to see your friends. So how many LA folks are actually staying here for the holidays? I’ll count myself as vote number one. I just got back here. Not in the mood to brave the high terror alert and LAX for the folks this time around. Especially since the hijackers like coast to coast flights and that’s what I’d be on.

8 thoughts on “Another L.A. Christmas”

  1. since my folks and I were born and raised here, there’s no reason for us to leave town for every holiday. It’s nice! However it’s not so nice for our family members who live at different points on the globe. They get to endure holiday travel horrors instead of us.

  2. I’ve been an LA native all my life, and mi familia’s here in the So Cal area, so needless to say, I’m not going anywhere else for the holidays. ^_^

  3. I am also a native Southern Californian and will be mostly staying in town for the holidays.

    I will be taking a short trip up north for New Years, but will only take a short flight up & will drive back down the coast.

  4. Another native Angeleno here. No travelling for me. One great thing is that, while it sucks to have to be at work, no one else is here. I can just about sit with my feet up on the desk reading all day.

  5. Trekking down to “the O.C.” to see my family on Christmas day, but other than that, I’m going to enjoy my first holiday season in my new Larchmont digs…

    I love the mass exoduses (exodi?) during the holidays!

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