Watt playing 2 gigs tomorrow night

Mike Watt writes in and says:

“…tomorrow’s my birthday but there’s two other things that are more important going on then. one of them’s a benefit which I think if you can support then it would be great if you could come. both gigs have kira and me as dos but this benefit one at nine pm at di piazza’s lets us have the honor of trying maybe a tres kind of thing w/our little band cuz flea’s gonna come down and jam w/us. the third time mike martt has asked to us to play for the wooten center and I very much think it’s a good cause so come on and help out, please. the other event involves brother matt so you know it’s gotta be righteous too.”

So if you need plans for tomorrow, or need a good excuse to get out of some other plans, there you go.

6PM: brother matt’s “burrito day” celebration
at little pedro’s blue bongo cafe, 901 e. 1st st., los angeles, ca (213) 687-3766

9PM: a benefit for the wooten center
at di piazza’s, 5205 e. pacific coast highway, long beach, ca (562) 498-2461