Trust Me

Do not, DO NOT go to the Target in Glendale for the next two weeks. I can’t speak first hand about any of the other locations but I can say for certain going to the one in Glendale is a bad idea. A very, very bad idea.

9 thoughts on “Trust Me”

  1. I’m to shaken to recount the story, I’ll just say it involved 50 million screaming kids and countless pushy-not-controling-their-kids parents. it was a nightmare…

  2. Yeah, I often drive by the Eaglerock Target and around this time of the year, I won’t even look in the general direction of that (or any) Target, for it strikes a fear in my heart that is not to be articulated in words, lest you be be turned to stone. The one in Culver City is a little better, if by “a little better” you understand that I mean “you will only want to poke one eye out with an ivory chopstick”.

    Stupid holidays, ruining my Target.

  3. That is your private hell isn’t it sean – You surrounded by a bunch of screaming shits. Its christmas my man, stay away from anyplace that carry things with prices on em.

  4. I was at Target in Burbank last weekend and it was the same deal. The horror! But I have to say that K-Mart across from The Grove is always EVEN WORSE.

    So much screaming. So many grubby little hands. So few frickin’ open checkstands… *shudder*

  5. We’ve referred to that K-Mart at 3rd and Fairfax for years as either the “Sarajevo K-Mart” or simply, “War Torn K-Mart.”
    It’s nothing but screaming kids and empty shelves, with merchandise strewn about everywhere. Just about the most unpleasant shopping experience in all of L.A.

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