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While clicking random links on blogs I came across Eat LA which is part blog, part food critic. Each entry is a review of a new place to eat. I just skimmed it and saw a lot of places I need to check out soon, as well as a few I need to go back to. There’s pretty much no info on who does it, or actually any info outside of the reviews, which is a pretty interesting take. The oldest entry is the only one not a review and says:

“I spend too much money on meals out, and I spend too much time talking to friends about restaurants and places to go in this city. Thus, this blog — to make me feel less guilty about the former, and to cut down on the latter.”

Sounds good to me. I added it to the LA Resource roll on the left. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “New food resource”

  1. It’s too bad that the last post was in June. I’d take up the torch, save for that I have bad taste. But I can second their endorsement of Pace, it’s quite nice.

  2. Yeah, too bad he hasn’t updated the site since. I think I eat out more often than that guy does, maybe I should start a food blog.

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