Holidays in LA

whotel.jpg There’s nothing that gets me into the Holiday spirit like watching the trendy set in their Uggs sweating it out on 3rd street doing last minute shopping.

Spotting all the Urban Outfitter’s types in their store bought but-made-to-look-hand-knitted scarves is like seeing Santa’s elves packing up the sleigh. It gives me goosebumps, really.

These sights would all be fine if we were not in the midst of a weeks worth of 70-75 degree weather.

I’m not suggesting it’s appropriate to pull out the summer slip dresses but please, shouldn’t these folks leave all the trendy winter accessories at home when the mercury rises?

10 thoughts on “Holidays in LA”

  1. I have to agree with you on this one. I love my coat and my scarves just as much as the next girl but I wear them when I’m in…Chicago! Granted, last weekend was cold, too cold for my taste, but it sure isn’t today. I also saw someone with those god-awful Ugg boots on today. Hello, we are not in Colorado and those things are just butt-ugly. I moved out here because of the fabulously warm weather and I intend on embracing it…with my t-shirt and shirt!

  2. preach on. Some assclown was at the coffee shop this morning with a scarf, knit cap and gloves. Yes, Gloves. It’s freaking mid 70’s outside and this joker was wearing gloves. I’d hate to see him have to walk down the frozen food isle of the grocery store where the temperatures are known to drop to the HIGH 60’S!!!! AHHHH!!!

  3. You know, I keep wondering about that too, when I see people walking around in LA with thick coats and scarves I get confused. I pretty much have been writing it off to having lived here all their lives; I suppose to Angelenos 60s is considered frigid. Like, their blood is thinner or something. Never till now had I, even once, considered that all this coat and hat business would be attributed to, gah! Fashion!?!? Like, WTF is that all about!? Since I used to live in Boston, Iím elated to wear fall clothes all winter long, thank you very much.

  4. Michael, I don’t think the Ugg wearers I saw who were frantically shopping have ever stepped inside a 7 11. Maybe once, but they were really really drunk and it was the one thats Beverly Hills adjacent ;)

  5. What.



    Is up with UGG boots? They were hideous in 1989, and they’re equally hideous now. There’s nothing like watching some suburbanite climb out of his SUV, then bend over to make sure his jeans are properly tucked into his UGG boots.

    Oh, he’s 40, and has a pony-tail, just to get all the cliches accounted for.

  6. Follow up…went to The Grove today and saw ten pairs of Uggs…and that was just little old me very occupied with the fact that apparently I’m incapable of buying presents this year. I also saw a whole display of them at Nordstroms…pink with glitter on top. Gag me with a spoon.

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