A westside hole in the wall that could easily be overlooked on the busy Santa Monica Blvd, Terried Sake House is one of the more authentic japanese restaurants you’ll find in greater Los Angeles. We decided we’d meet there for supper this evening before catching The Triplets of Belleville at the Laemmle Royale, since the two are in walking distance from one another. This is the sort of restaurant where the diners are split between japanese born kids with the fashion sense that’s halfway “runway” and halfway “runaway”, and the sorta Americans who know that mixing your wasabi into your soy sauce is akin to covering a Peter Luger’s prime porterhouse in A1. Not fanciful cooking at all, but not typical fare when most Americans think of japanese food. Rather than the run-of-the-mill menu of california rolls and teriyaki, you order an assortment of small portion dishes that are meant to be shared while also sharing sake. Seasonal japanese vegetables and roots making for tasty pickings for all to share (and the best thing to do here is order an assortment of items so everyone can possibly try something new/different). Karage, japanese fried chicken, is one of my favourites on the menu and a pretty good choice to ease the unitiated into japanese bar foods with. Lotus roots, though exotic sounding, are crunchy and extremely addictive. An assortment of skewered meats (yakitori) are a favourite here, with my personal favourites being eel liver (yes, they have livers, and they’re surprisingly delicious), chicken with green onions, and chicken breast, presented with a smudge of mild wasabe and on wooden skewers for easy handling. Broiled fishes, such as smelt, japanese mackerel (saba), and anchoives all make for good eats with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, and you wouldn’t be mistaken if you ordered some of the broiled tofu dishes here either (just be sure you vegetarians ask for the bonito flakes to be withheld). Don’t let the humble exterior fool you. By 7:30pm every night, the place is filled with foodies and you’re guaranteed a 20 minute wait. Worth every damn minute.

11617 Santa Monica Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA

8 thoughts on “TERRIED SAKE HOUSE”

  1. “sorta Americans who know that mixing your wasabe into your soy sauce is akin to covering a Peter Luger’s prime porterhouse in A1.”

    Ah. The kind that KNOW how rude it is to rub your chop sticks together? I need to check this place out.

  2. I don’t know if you consider Orange County ‘the greater LA area’ but none-the-less, if you are ever in Tustin check out Osaka Kappo. It’s a great little Japanese place that specializes in noodles, udon and soba and the like. To get the good stuff you either have to read Japanese or ask what’s good and let them surprise you.

    Osaka Kappo
    13681 Newport Avenue, Suite #9
    Tustin, California 92680

  3. Next time I’m in L.A. I’m going there. Did they have rare chicken yakitori? I’ve always wondered if that is even possible here considering North American meat production processes.

  4. “The kind that KNOW how rude it is to rub your chop sticks together?”

    Oh, dear. You mean to remove the splinters? I assumed this was proper since it’s not as if disposable chopsticks are traditional. But now I’m mortified. Gregory, why didn’t you ever say anything???

  5. I was there a couple weeks ago, have the luxury of being able to walk there. The Terried House is in a funny little block of great places to eat, there’s Le Saigon (Vietnamese), California Roll Factory (very non-traditional huge sushi rolls), an Oxacan Mexican food place and another Japanese place. They are all right next to each other.

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  7. Mixing wasabi and soy sauce is delicious.

    Think outside the box, the Japanese won’t hate you.

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