Jesus my ass still hurts

So on Tuesday I spent the entire day at the Arclight seeing the entire run of Lord of the Rings. Fellowship and Two Towers extended versions and then finishing up with Return of the King. RotK is now in wide release and everyone is gushing over it so I will spare the details. I have to give it one “Holy fuck that was the best movie I’ve seen in YEARS!!!! And I feel my anus healing from the fisting I got from the Matrix sequels!” but I will stop now. There were many ren faire rejects there mucking up the works and more TV crews than at OJ’s trial but we got thru it. When I walked in the door I said “I wonder how many people will get fired today?” and we heard at least a dozen people bitching about the cams because they called in sick. Lesson. If you have a job that won’t let you out for an all day Lord of the Rings fest you need to get a new fucking job!!! If my boss said I couldn’t go to this we’d be out in the alley having it out. Fortunately my boss is pretty fucking cool and was trying to get me sent up for jury duty so he could rape my wallet and go in my stead. I prevailed and am the better for it but learn from my experience. We even got free trinkets and lanyards. I was in the front row too so if I was on the Jimmy Kimmell show I was the bored one in the leather jacket. oh wait, that was everyone. Anyway good stuff and I swear by the corpse of the velvet garbed tards in the restaurant that the Arclight is the best theater ever. 12 hours of film and not one talker or cell phone. And they have BOOZE! Rock the fuck on!

And I have to finish up with THIS. I’m still laughing. Props to Pirillo for the heads up! Maybe we beat BoingBoing on a good funny but I doubt it.

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