I suck

Last night I was temped by a Linda’s Lollies display at Gelsons and decided with flavors like peppermint, key lime pie, and chocolate marshmellow sundae I had to grab a few. Sure a buck is a lot for a lollipop but holy crap! These things are amazing. Both flavor wise and lifespan, I’ve been sucking on one for almost an hour now and the size has barely changed at all. (I can’t wait to see that line taken out of context.) I pretty sure I’ll be adding these to my usual shopping list.

5 thoughts on “I suck”

  1. Those suckers are really great… I’ve seen kids selling them for school fundraisers & prefer to buy from them so the “profit” goes to help kids go on field trips and stuff.

  2. don’t worry about that line being taken out of context, sean. i can honestly testify that the one time you sucked on my lollipop it only took about 30 seconds for it to change size.

  3. Weird. I am sucking on a Linda’s Lollie that I purchased at Gelsons just on Wednesday. I love this blog. Fruit Punch, if you’re curious.

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