Ho Ho Ho…

What the hell, the holidays are around and its just a buzzkill around. Lets put things in proper perspective shall we.

Too bad, so sad. So there’s been a rumor that a friend of mine is taking anti-depressants. And I’m going “What?!”. What does he have to be depressed about, he’s got a home, he’s got freedom of food and he’s getting sex too. So why so glum chum. If anyone has to be depressed, its my kitty. She gets fed the same canned friskies food every day for 3 meals in a row and isn’t allowed to leave the house. The kitty’s name is sandwich but hell, that might not even be her name, maybe she has her own name, which explains why she never listens. My cat, stuck all day in this house with no toys (she seems to be fine playing with pens, scraps of paper and hand me down toysthankstypefiend) probably has all her friends on the outside, living a life of leisure and next thing you know, held prisoner in a yellow apt. building. They say that kittens aren’t likely to survive on the outside. Its probably some purina propaganda. Give me those pills. Someone here needs them more than you do.

BloggerLA. So people aren’t happy with the double posting. Well start paying us and we’ll start writing extra shit. I ain’t like the purple one who’s so prolific in his writing that he can pass over manic monday to the bangles – and where are they now? Playing at hollywood park maybe? And too many self-promo going on? Geeze, read like you’re driving a car. Once you realize, this ain’t the right way, make a u turn. Or are your reading skills like a big catapillar bulldozer. Once it goes one way, can’t stop til you get to the end. Oh wait, I’ve hardly been posting, that email must have directed to someone else.

Bush and sadam. Hooray for you. But don’t tell us its for human right issues or weapons of mass destruction. Thanks to the “information highway”, don’t try spinning that shit on us. Where are these wmd’s and if you wanted someone for crimes against humanity, why not kim jong-il of north korea. Or at least his hair cutter. Its nasty over there. Oh yea, kim chee doesn’t sell as well as oil.

And my favorite prostitute disconnect her cel phone. Now thats a bitch.

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  1. I have suffered from Canka Sores for the past 8 years, every 2-3 weeks or so I get one bad one, I believe I have found a cure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The minute I get a small white spot that shows through, or sooner if possible, I put a Q-tip with Tea Tree Oil on the spot for about a minute, and do this in the morning and at night. So far the first two that I have tried this with, never grow any larger and actually go away …. !!!!
    Good luck, I am going to tell this to as many people I can who suffer from this terrible problem.

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