Silverlake’s Most Wanted

Phonecam snapshot of freshly plastered flyers along Vermont street in Silverlake, outside the House of Pies where I just ate breakfast. Click thumbnail for larger pic. Who’s behind these? I bet it’s the Y-Que posse, whose store is like a block away. Everything’s always “WANTED” or “FREE SOMEONE” with those people. UPDATE: “Crimefighter” says, “Actually the ‘Wanted: Santa’ poster was related to the Santanarchy/SantaCon in LA. It’s a Cacophony Society related event. See this site for more info.

5 thoughts on “Silverlake’s Most Wanted”

  1. God I love HoP! I used to eat there every damn day when I lived in Los Feliz. I think it’s time for a HoP run. That and I can go make fun of Danzig’s SUV.

  2. Last time I went by there, while I was enjoying some Electric Lotus, Danzig looked to have retured the SUV and replaced it with an old school Jag. Black of course.

  3. OK, I am now going to indulge in classic blogsturbation: talking about what i ate for breakfast on my blog. Breakfast at HOP was seven bucks for oatmeal, scrambled eggs, and a side of sausage, and that included tip, mothafuckaz! I love that place. But I never see Danzig or his SUV or his jag there.

  4. ‘Fraid you did miss it. It was Saturday night in Pasadena. Maria and I happened to be up there at the time and spied several Santas roaming the streets or throwing back a few pints.

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