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I need to get a new cell phone since my sidekick is D.O.A. Everyone has a different story of cell hell in L.A. and I am looking to find out what the best service is around here. So chime in and lemme know what you think as far as the best coverage goes and what area you’re mainly in. I’m currently leaning towards Cingular so I can get a Treo 600 but am open to ideas. Thanks!

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  1. I have Cingular. I had AT&T for a number of years but they sucked ass so I switched. Plus I get DSL & home phone service (yes, I still have a land line, shocking I know) via SBC and you can get a package deal with SBC + Cingular, which ended up saving me over $100/month overall. The coverage is great so far except for a small area in South Pasadena where I get no signal at all, and this one spot on the 105 where my calls usually drop. It’s much better than the shatty coverage I got with AT&T though, where at least half (!) of my calls wouldn’t go through or got dropped.

  2. The Sprint network is good in LA with nice coverage.

    Sprint supports the Treo 600, Amazon has a deal to get the 600 for $250 (AR) if you choose Sprint.

    Sprint’s support of data networking is good. You can get IP via your phone.

  3. if you get cingular and live in pasadena it’ll drop you 100% reliably at three places:

    one, heading east on del mar ave the del mar and rosemead intersection. two, heading south on lake ave in that stretch of san marino right before you reach huntington drive. three, going south on the 110 either right before via marisol or right after, can’t remember. these are the three major routes out of the city, excluding the 210.

    cingular coverage doesn’t impress me. they offer lower rates and more minutes, which is decent bait i suppose.

  4. Try this website — it lists cell phone dead zones, searchable by carrier and city:


    I wish I’d known about this site before I switched from crappy ass Cingular to the even more craptastic AT&T.

    Anybody can submit dead spots so some of the info could be suspect, but it’s pretty damn accurate for AT&T anyway. I’m personally switching to Sprint when my contract is up. My friends are all happy with their service, and they have a good selection of phones.

  5. To add to my other Sprint praise, it must also be said that I live, work and hang in the same areas that Jason does…the valley. Sprint doesn’t suck, well the service doesn’t. All companies’ customer NO-service sucks.

    Plus, the Hitachi G1000 is available for Sprint. It is pricey, but is Pocket PC and has a camera built in. I’m gonna upgrade to that phone very soon.

  6. Jason, one more thing. If you had problems with T-mobile before, you should know that they and Cingular share the same towers. I found that out this past weekend while shopping for a cell for my mother-in-law.

  7. I must throw my hat in for AT&T… I live probably less than a mile from you as the crow flies, and I always have full reception in that area. Plus, I’ve never really wanted for reception in that many places, except for Woodland Hills (when surrounded by trees), and a few select spots in West LA.

  8. Strobe: Actually, T-Mobile rents the airwaves from Cingular, and Cingular maintins priority. so 90% of the time when T-Mobile customers can’t get a signal it’s because it’s being used by the Cingular customers.

  9. jason- to sidestep your question just a bit, i need to ask why your sidekick is D.O.A. . I’m curious because i was considering getting one i guess.

  10. I’ve been a longtime customer of Pacific Bell Wireless, which is now Cingular, and they’re okay (but then again I haven’t tried anyone else yet). They’re currently touting their rollover plans and a device that when you get home you can plug your cell phone into and it’ll automatically route your cell phone calls to your land line.

    Take a look at this chart which lists the fees each provider is charging for wireless number portability:


  11. I have AT&T and it works great for me – but I don’t get out much – but everyone at work who travels around LA raves about sprint. So i’d go with them.

  12. I’m with Verizon now and very happy — both with the phones offered and coverage.

    In the past I’ve had ATT&T, Sprint and Cingular. Not with them now for a reason….

  13. I had AT&T but it sucked: weak indoor coverage, and lame customer service. I switched to verizon this fall and have been happy ever since. I can make and receive calls where AT&T didn’t and most other places too.

  14. Cingular is my fave – although to be honest, I’ve never tried anybody else. But thats cuz i haven’t had to. Of course it’ll drop you (ie: pasadena as above) but since I hardly go there, I don’t care…haha. Actually, I’m in chinatown and it seems to have worked well on a straightline from monterey park – chinatown – midwilshire to santa monica. Don’t deviate man.

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