begin radio silence

As you might have guessed from Jason’s amazing pictures below the opening was a huge success. You’d think this means I get to take the day off and finally get some sleep, but you’d be wrong. Since one of the artist in the show just happens to be Tim Biedron who in addition to being an amazing artist is also a tattooing god, I have to take advantage of the 20 hours or so he has left in LA before heading back to the sub-artic temps of Chicago and get some work done. I’m expecting about 6-7 hours of drilling on my arm today which will result in swelling and non-moveability for a few days which means posting will be cut to a minimum. But don’t worry, we’ve got a new guy on board, Gregory, who should be keeping you entertained while I’m out.

2 thoughts on “begin radio silence”

  1. Fucking hell. I was hoping to get a good tat contact here in LA since what I’ve seen of your arm is pretty fucking nice and I’m due for another one. Ok so know any good tat artists in LA that I can call upon?

  2. I do! My neighbor Kim has done all of my tattoos (and has tattooed at least a dozen of my friends, including Emmeric) and she’s great. She works at Prix in WeHo on Fridays & Saturdays and she has a private studio at the Brewery Arts Complex downtown. Ping me & I’ll give you her private studio contact info.

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