Fookin' Brilliant!

I’m calling out all the L.A. alcoholics in the quest for Vodka! I’m trying to track down a liquor store in the Hollywood or Santa Monica/Venice area that sells a Scottish Vodka named “Brilliant“. My friend Brian swears by the stuff and I’m on the lookout for any and all good Vodkas. I’m frankly getting sick to death of Grey Goose and could use a change-up. So anyone who has seen this brilliantly named spirit please give me a heads up and a mapquest link and I’ll be your friend forever. Unless you smell funny then I’ll just pretend to be your friend. Either way I’ll owe ya one. And if you’re a Blogrolling user I’ll even give ya a free 2 year Gold Pass comped.

14 thoughts on “Fookin' Brilliant!”

  1. A huge store near my work is:

    Vendome Wines & Spirits
    Address: 10600 Riverside Dr, North Hollywood, CA 91602
    Phone: (818) 766-9593

    I called. They say they have it. Open till 11PM.

  2. The only place I’ve seen Brilliant in socal is Hi-Time in Costa Mesa. It’s a hike, but they have everything. I’m not kidding. Unfortunately for me, I am in Orange County on a fairly regular basis so I pay Hi-Time a visit when I’m there to make me forget where I am.

    You should also try Boru – it’s an Irish vodka made from potatoes, and if my people know one thing really damn well it’s potatoes. Plus you can get Boru at most chain supermarkets and most larger liquor stores.

  3. Hey fucktard….why don’t you wait til you move out of your mommies basement before you try to get all tragically hip and talk about what a vodka expert you are and all. You’re so NOT a potatoe head. Oh sorry….I’m sure that one flew WAY over your head….

  4. Besides needing a valium, Pike needs a lesson in spirits: some vodkas are made from potatoes, others from grains, usually wheat.

  5. God I love it when the morons do the work for us. Nancy is right. Vodka can be made from a great variety of grains and even soybeans. Asshole can obviously be made with any computer and the right retard behind the wheel.

  6. Nancy and Jason are correct, of course. Pike, what the hell is your problem? You want to call me an idiot, fine. Do it if I say something that’s not factual. If I just make a comment about a nice, smooth vodka that I’m recommending to a friend, take Michael’s advice and STFU.

  7. Not all vodka is made from potatoes. It’s sometimes made from other starchy foods (including sugar beet, molasses, rye, wheat, millet, whey and maize). More expensive premium vodkas are made from grain or potato. Stop bitching, Pike.

  8. since i’m the one that started all this anyway, i’ll pipe in. vodka can be made from a vast and frankly wonderful variety of items, so get the hell off his back and if you’re going to try to do a zingy comment flame, do your homework first.

    if there are any other vodka heads out there like myself, be sure to do yourself a favor and stop by voda in santa monica (on a weeknight, as it gets a bit wanky on weekends)… as far as i know, it’s the only vodka-dedicated bar in all of la, and the bartenders know what they’re pouring. it’s where i was introduced to brilliant.

  9. Wow…what a bunch of brillian mother fuckers. I wish I was as worldly as all you asswipes. Gosh it must be cool to have your all knowing super powers. Is this the justice team blog. Wow….I’m fucking impressed. I think I’ll go jack off now.

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