If there’s one thing that’s true about me is that I love all things drawing. Can’t really explain it other than there’s something about the quality in the craft of drawing that, well, draws me in. That’s why I knew I would have to curate The Drawing Show for sixspace’s annual group show this year and boy is it looking great. With each drop off and delivery, I’m experiencing Xmas over and over again. There is a lot of work in the show, ranging from small to large pieces, works on wood, paper, and board, from artists in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, and France. Some of my favorites were wonderful enough to take part…Laura Mosquera, Clayton Brothers, Richard Colman.

In conjunction with “The Drawing Show” we are also opening our project space next door to the gallery called 6PR. Los Angeles artist Emmeric James Konrad will be exhibiting new and recent paintings and drawings in addition to a live-painting event the night of the opening. His brutish and beautiful works are bold and humorous.

The opening receptions for both are on Saturday, December 13th from 7-11 pm. You know it’s free! For those newbees, sixspace is a contemporary art gallery in downtown Los Angeles (just south of the Staples Center) in-between Figueroa and Flower at 549 West 23rd Street. We’re a friendly space with a little minpin who is our greeter. Check it before you wreck it.

7 thoughts on “Drawrings”

  1. tyler – Will you be there for the opening? Please be sure to say hi…I’ll be the girl running around with the silver clipboard!

  2. I’m pretty sure I’ll be at the opening at some point. I’m here to do a story on an artist and my day tomorrow is dependent on how much time I spend with her… but methinks it should work!

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