One theater to rule them all!

After my conversations at Casa De Bonner last night I am terribly excited that my first foray to the Arclight is going to be for the ass numbing all day Lord of the Rings fest on the 17th. A bunch of my friends and myself have tickets for the event of the year. They’re showing the first two films in the extended versions following up with the premier of Return of the King. This is going to be so fun in a total geek/dork way I can’t even imagine. One of my friends already sold his tickets because he’s a greedy bastard and they’re going for a few hundred bucks on ebay. I on the other hand have kept an extra seat open in the front row because I’m ever hopeful that I can find someone cool to accompany me. I’ve had friends tell me I should do an Elimidate kind of contest to fill the seat or hold drawings and a bunch of other ways to find the one ass to fill them all. All being the seat but I was trying to be clever. Shaddup. I know it sucked. Anyway I’m hunting for ideas on how to find the one worthy ass to fill the seat on the 17th in the front row at the Arclight. Anyone?

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  1. once you go arclight you never go back. I think you should have a contest for sure, “explain in 100 words or less why you should get the extra ticket” and see what happens.

  2. They are doing one of those here with pizza and all the goodies during the shows for one price. Incredibly you can still get tickets. Of course we are the dead center of the damn US which explains a lot.

  3. My gang missed getting the triple feature tickets. We had the silliness to try for tickets 45 minutes after they went on sale.

    We are seeing it at 3PM on the 17th in the Dome at the Arclight.

    Be sure to try the carmelcorn when you go.

  4. My friend ranted and raved about Arclight for months to me, so I finally went last Saturday for Fellowship. What a great theatre. I’ll be back for the next two films, including a midnight showing on Tuesday night for Return of the King. As much as I’d love to go to Trilogy Tuesday, I’m not up for the mudwrestling contest. Have at it, ladies! :p

    p.s. The Arclight has some really cool SideshowWeta figures in their lobby. I took some crappy photos of them and they’re here: – of special interest is the 8 foot tall Black Rider complete with mud splattered cloak.

  5. Michael, sorry you couldn’t get tickets. My friend Will and I waited in line for a few hours outside the Arclight the morning they went on sale. Tickets were available in-person, over the phone, and on their website at the same time! A friend I was on the phone with while in line tried connecting to the website via DSL and his connections kept timing out, and good luck trying to get through on the phone, so getting them in-person was indeed the best bet, as we wound up with seats in the front row center and front right sections. ^_^

  6. Sup Jason,

    I think that a truly ìworthy assî should be both female, cute, naked and offering an endless array of refreshments (i.e. Mikes Hard Lemonade)

    Anyways, I hope you get what your looking for. On the other hand, I canít believe that someone would sit through over six hours of ìBored of the Ringsî

  7. Jason, I found your site by accident while searching for a seating chart for the arclight cinerama dome. It is quite entertaining and I will probably visit again. More importantely, Whatever contest you decide to run, make sure the ticket goes to the person who loves LOTR the most and will be able to stay awake for 13 hours of movies. I will be there at the arclight myself with 11 friends. However, we will be there on December 16th at 1:30pm, when it is actually showing. Better check your tickets, I would hate for you to miss it after all this effort. Cap

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