Open wounds and punk rawk!

The Weirdos

I attended the Skulls/Weirdos show tonight at the El Rey and all I have to say is that it was by far the best show I’ve seen in YEARS! The crowd was not too abnoxious and the bands were INCREDIBLE. It started off with a bunch of peach be-fuzzied youth who did a mix of covers and original tunes. I’m not joking about the fuzz thing. These kids were just that. Kids. It gave off the feel of a high school battle of the bands but with a much better sound system. They weathered the hecklers with a pro flair. Not the best band but I can’t fault them for their age. So then the Skulls took the stage. WOW! They were flat out incredible. Solid set and a shitload of energy. I was very impressed and very entertained. They played a good hour set and then they broke for the headliner. After an intermission that seemed endless the Weirdos took the stage and I’m still feeling it. As far as old school punk bands that still play around go this was the best I’ve seen. I mean these guys are not young by any stretch and they were playing like they were in their 20’s. They opened up with “We got the neutron bomb” which is their biggest “hit” and they actually closed with it which was kinda weird but surprisingly satisfying. My friends and I were in the front row which is dangerous when toting a few grand in camera equipment but it all worked out. I shot about 800 pics tonight but rushed through the last gig so I could get out in the mix and fuck some shit up. These guys were so good they got me out from the sidelines and that’s saying something. Last time I hit a pit was back when Screeching Weasel was touring. Silly me forgot that I had a gaping open wound on my forearm but somehow after a few songs it just added to the punk vibe. I’ll be soaking it in disinfectant for the next few hours. Can you saw eeewy punk juice? So punk rock in LA on a Friday is still a damn good thing… Check the full entry for more photos. All photos copyright © Jason DeFillippo. All rights to kick your ass if you steal them are reserved.








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  1. What a trip, I was probably about ten feet away from you where you took these shots. I agree it was a great show. After some hugely disappointing reunion gigs (Sex Pistols, Black Flag) this show was easily as good as the Buzzcocks show earlier this year. The best line of the night came from my friend Pete who said the Weirdos played made the Sex Pistols sound like Pistol Grip. Hats off to the drummer (ex-Gears) who played double duty with the Weirdos and the Skulls (might explain the long intermission) and Zander sure does look a lot different since his “Feeling 7-Up” days! Super impressed with how tight they sounded and wish I could make it to Slims next weekend.

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