As anyone interested in pop-culture knows, toys are the new artwork. Though it may get a little tiring seeing every tom, dick, and harry artist putting out a new toy most of the time it’s just pretty darn cool. That being said, I was super excited to see the brand new Todd Schorr duck-bunny toy is finally being released. Produced by Necessaries Toy Foundation (a collaboration between Meltdown Comics and Long Gone John of Sympathy for the Record Industry) and sculpted by one of my artists, Nathan Cabrera, I had seen this toy way back with it was a little more than a defined ball of clay. Now it’s a full-blown toy, painted and complete with a worn-look-on-purpose box. VERY cool. Just might have to add it to our ever-growing toy collection…maybe Santa will be good to us this year.

Look out for future releases by Nescessaries Toy Foundation such as an Dan Clowes Enid doll, a Camille Rose Garcia doll (sigh), and a Fafi doll currently being sculpted. After everyone sees these dolls, I don’t imagine this trend ending anytime soon.

3 thoughts on “Duck/Bunny”

  1. I saw the final version of this in person for the first time yesterday and it’s pretty bad ass. You can check it our for yourself at Meltdown (on Sunset). Not to mention their new 18″ Enid from Ghost World doll. Plus the people behind it all are damn cool.

  2. I’m a much bigger fan of Nara than Murakami…something about little girls with knifes. Anyway, those “Little Wanderers” were included in a show he had at the MCA in Chicago. They were installed on the wall…facing up, facing down. I really wanted one and now I can have one. I’ve already contacted my dealer, I mean Giant Robot. Weeeeee!!!!!!!

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