Goth and Industrial Club Scene in LA

I don’t fancy myself a goth but I do dig the goth club scene because the people are a lot nicer than the general in-crowd/hipster scene. What I’m looking for are testimonials on current cool clubs that cater to the Goth/Industrial crowd. I’ve been going to these clubs for years so I’m looking for sheer quality. I was going to Perversion back when they had the whipping show in ’95 (a true reason to move to LA), The Fang Club when it was around (I even designed their logo. Do I get goth props? I won’t even mention I was dating the PR chick. Oh shit. Too late.) and I recently returned to Bar Sinister until they kicked me out for good. So now I’m on the prowl for a good haunt to just relax with the very personable freaks like myself. Someplace I can bust out the rubber pants (not sheets or underwear) and have a drink or two in peace. I don’t want to see khaki. That’s a serious prerequisite. What say ye?

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  1. Oh, wow, Perversion. Those were the days. I wish I could help you, I haven’t been to any of those clubs in ages. I’m sure Helter Skelter and Magic Wednesdays aren’t around anymore… are they?

  2. I occasionally throw a part at The Derby..
    What styles of music do you enjoy? There are variants on the industrial theme that are good like drum n bass, electro etc and there are some fun places to go to hear that ;)

    write back for more info.

  3. Perversion is still a good go every once in a great while. IT is only horrible if you go every week. Dungeon is also a good place to get your occasional groove on, their “fetish” show tends to be weak though. Musically I tend to groove at these clubs when I am looking to go out and dance. They do play the “top 40” goth/industrial hits .. Both are located @ Blue 1642 Las Palmas Boulevard (just East of Highland and South of Hollywood).

    For some good ground stomping anger release hard industrial/noise try Das Bunker - If you are looking to get out and get your stomp on come to the next one on the 19th .. my favorite local band Babyland – will be playing. They have tons of energy and always put on a great show. The cover for the club is reasonable and there is a great mix of people. Tis a new venue so I can’t comment on that.

    I miss Fang Club. it was fun. but I have always *hated* Bar Sinister.

    Shok’s Derby parties are always fun. There should be more of them!

  4. Wow, this is EXACTLY what I need to know. Been out of the scene since I moved to LA, but would love to recapture the glory of wasted Thursday nights at Tracks when I lived in DC. Alas the day for Celebrity VJ Mohawk Adam.

    Do tell, do tell…

  5. Well, I don’t know if I would classify it as a specifically “Goth/Industrial,” but you might want to check out Miss Kitty’s on Fridays at Dragonfly. It’s got a mostly goth/industrial/fetish crowd. There is also an afterparty every week that’s heavily goth/industrial. Ask around at the club and you can probably get more info.

  6. Jenifer Mclaren who has lent her songwriting and has sung for bands (Delerium, Front Line Assembly, In Strict Confidence, DJ Ram), and had her solo record released on Nettwerk Records will be performing live on Sept 7th at The Gig on Melrose. She will be performing a 20 min set starting at 8:00pm of her first album plus songs she did with Delerium and new material. If you would like to attend the show and be put on the list send an email to [email protected]

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