City Envy

OK, not really, but LA’s red-headed stepchild, Cerritos, has got it going on! OK, not really, but sort of. This might be old news to anyone on the SoCalWUG list or since it was talked about there yesterday, and I was going to post it here then but felt like an asshat making three posts in a row so I decided.. nevermind. Basically, according to the second news item in this report Cerritos is going to be getting city-wide wireless internet access as early as next month. According to the report, the city is stepping up to the plate because Verizon has been unable to provide DSL to much of the city and people need to get their high speed download on… for um.. you know… stuff. So they teamed up with a company called Aiirnet Wireless to put about 60 access points around the city. This is a greatr idea and other parts of LA should jump on that one quick. I know a ton of people who live in Silverlake who time and time again get offers for DSL only to be told at the last second that it’s not yet available up in their hills. Wifi over silverlake would make a lot of people smile.

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  1. There is no high speed internet access in Silverlake. But I didn’t “get told at the last minute.” I signed up (with Speakeasy), got shipped a modem, hooked it up. SBC took three weeks to hook my line to Covad’s equipment.

    One month to the day after placing the order, and one week after receiving the modem, I learned that my telephone line terminates 20700 feet from the station, which classifies it as “unservicable.” That was yesterday.

    Today Comcast said they don’t cover my area, and sent me to Eagle Rock Adelphia. They said they don’t cover me and sent me to West Hollywood Adelphia.

    Maybe I can get a satellite dish…

  2. Eric- That’s about the same story with some friends of mine who live just east of Glendale Blvd, they paid for the service, got shipped everything and when it wouldn’t work were told “oops”. Me, I live just north of Silverlake Blvd by sunset and I signed up for SBC DSL and got it no problem, early in fact. Weird.

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