Wil’s big announcement

Wil, BLA’s favorite groundskeeper, just posted this massive news on his own site:

“I have totally signed a three book deal with a major publisher. O’Reilly and Associates, to be precise.”

Let me be the first over here to say “Congratulations Man!” This is uber-huge. Actually, a few months back a friend of Wil’s got drunk at his birthday party (imagine that) and blurted out this news. Wil instantly freaked and pointed out that it was totally up in the air and way to early to start making announcements so if everyone in the room didn’t swear and sign an oath in their own blood to keep their mouths shut they could blow the whole thing. That’s been a nightmare of a secret to keep. OK, I didn’t really keep it, I told Caryn, because she too was drunk at the party (imagine that) and didn’t remember a word of it the next day.

Anyway, this totally rules in ways I can’t even explain, that and I’ll make sure to have my laywers get in touch re: the work I did on the cover, the loopholes in our agreement and what sort of fat checks I should be expecting. Ta Ta!

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