Speaking of Punk

Since Jason opened up the “upcoming punk rock shows” door, I thought I’d go ahead and mention that Chuck Dukowski, who was in this little band you might have heard of called Black Flag, has a new group called the Chuck Dukowski Sextet and they are playing a show this Friday, December 5 at Mr T’s Bowl (5621 1/2 Figueroa – 323.256.7561). They are playing with Fatso Jetson, Non Credo, and Joe Baiza w/ Dennis Cruz and Paul Uriaz. As much as I’d love to say all these bands rule and this thing is going to rock, honestly I’ve never heard a single one of them. I do know that Chuck is a good guy, and I doubt he’d be wrapped up in something crappy, so if you are looking for some rock on Friday, this might be your plan.

5 thoughts on “Speaking of Punk”

  1. And also speaking of punk rawk Friday there is the Weirdos/Skulls show going on at the El Rey on Wilshire the very same night so pick your poison.

  2. Chuck Dukowski rocks!

    Speaking of Mr. T’s bowl…
    What happened to the GUTTER? That dope breakfast spot seems to be gone, i went by there last weekend. I heard the owners booted them and that sucks.

  3. Joe Baiza, for chrissakes, was in Saccharine Trust and Universal Congress Of, and other stuff. Come on now!

  4. I know WHO he is, I’ve just never heard what the specific combo of people he’s playing with at that show are going to be playing so I can’t say anything about it. I’ve been to far too many of the “Guy from a band I love doing his own thing in his own direction” shows to blindy say something rocks based on previous efforts.

    /me thinks about some of these shows and shudders.

  5. I saw Chuck D play about three months ago in Redondo Beach. It totally blew. Six Pack with guitar solos. The El Rey is the only place for a self-respecting punk rocker to be on Friday night.

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