Some art shows this weekend

Souther Salazar at GR2 opens on Saturday the 6th from 6:30 – 10 pm. This young artist is worth checking out. Plus Giant Robot openings are always a good time.

-Arts & Books Gallery (4166 Santa Monica Blvd) has an opening reception on Friday the 5th from 6-10 pm for Nelson M. Castillo & “His Artistic Vision” and his exhibition of **miniature** paintings. I haven’t been to this space yet and just heard about it but they are an “art gallery with a bookstore specializing in Modern First Editions, Signed Books and Art Books.” It sounds good and, in my opinion, it’s hard to go wrong with art books and small paintings in one room but you never know.

-The last week for Chad Robertson’sshow at sixspace. I know it’s a shameful plug but this show is REALLY amazing and you should absolutely see it. Trust me on this. The last day of the show is December 6th…then they go home and Chad goes off to Sweden for another art show.

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