Photographer Clayton Cubitt does LA

Brooklyn-based photographer Clayton Cubitt was in town a couple of weeks ago for the launch of Surface Magazine‘s “Avant Guardians” special issue — in which he was featured as one of America’s top rising photographic talents. While he was in LA, he shot a series of portraits of me at a super-cheesy Hollywood location. Here they are. I’m a huge fan of his work — I love, love, love what he accomplishes with simple, artful use of gels. Bow down. He’ll be participating in the SENT phonecam art exhibit I’m co-curating at sixspace with Blogging.LA contributors Sean Bonner and Caryn Coleman, btw. I can’t wait to see what he does with ultra-lo-res. Link

2 thoughts on “Photographer Clayton Cubitt does LA”

  1. Damn, those are nice… I’m really excited to see what the SENT artists produce. It’s such a gear shift going from Hi-rez to No-rez. Going to be an interesting show for sure. Oh shit, I’m one of them. /me slinks off to work on concepts.

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