A jug of punch & a punch in the gut

Found on Tribe.net’s REAL Punk Rock tribe. Spelling errors left intact.

if you are in Southern California, or will be on Dec. 10th, you need to come to the Key Club in Hollywood and chear on The Tossers. its a battle of the bands type thing and they need some support. i know you have heard them, but if you dont remember you will like them… so get off your asses and spend that drug/beer money on something usefull for once. December 10th. key club. be there, sucka

The Tossers are one of my favorite bands from Chicago blending traditional Irish and Punk. If you’re an old school Pogues fan you’ll love The Tossers so get off your ass and come knock back a pint or ten with us.

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  1. The Tossers kick ass. I saw them a bunch of times in Chicago and there’s no way you can be a Pogues fan and not enjoy a Tossers show. In fact, we saw them open for Shane one time, and yes, they did a Pogues cover.

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