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Hi, I’m Sean. I few months back I had an idea. I sat on it and did nothing. Then I met Jason. Turns out a few months back he had an idea too. We got coffee, vomited ideas back and forth, and went to work. 2 weeks and 50 bazillion IM’s later, Blogging.la is born.

We’ve rounded up a bunch of bloggers to dish out the scoop on what’s happening here in LA, and that’s basically the only rule. Stuff on this site will be somehow LA related, but other than that, it’s pretty wide open. Events will be hyped and shit will be talked. The writers all have varying specialties and interests, some of them you might know from their own blogs, others might be new to you. Take a look around, see who’s who, and what’s what. Over the next few days everyone should chime in and say “hi” so keep checking back, it’s going to be fun.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Blogging.la”

  1. Hello from Vienna,

    as I understand this site, we are rather near to the starting pont of the long run?!

    If there is ever any intention to use this blogging.la for collectors (dealers, buyers, publishers…) please let me know – I think there are quite a few people around who are interested.

    I started a blog: http://zettl.blogspot.com but surely would do anotherone entirely collecting /antiques related.

    You may always contact me.

    :) friedrich

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