A little intro

Well…I think this blogging la thing is going to be pretty great and I’m psyched to be a part of it. As some of you will know, my posts will focus on the arts in Los Angeles. The art scene in Los Angeles is really bubbling right now with so many fantastic galleries, artists, and curators doing some pretty amazing things. It’s a scene that I’m proud to be a part of and make contributions to. Some people feel that LA will take over the role of THE influential art city, especially after the loss of interest of YBAs in London. Whether that’s true or not, we shall see but, in the meantime, I’m excited by this opportunity to discuss movements, events, and my own personal thoughts.

There’s obviously more to come…

3 thoughts on “A little intro”

  1. I probably won’t be convering much on the performing arts. Mainly because my obsession with visual arts doesn’t leave me much time for it but also because the p.arts aren’t really my bag.

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